I hope your new year started off better than mine did. Actually, it started off awesome, spending a quiet new years eve watching movies under a pile of kids, watching them dance during the credits, and banging pans on the porch at midnight. Then I woke up with a fever and spent the next two days literally in bed. I often get sick during the holidays, I guess because it’s the only time I stop long enough to let it happen. Apparently I needed the rest.

I really , REALLY want to get back to making journal comics this year, so here we go with the first one. I’ve made three “resolution statements”, trying to keep in mind how I talk about my life and my work, and with an eye to the past, present, and future

1. Instead of saying “I couldn’t…”, I’m going to say “I didn’t…”
2. Instead of saying “I’m gonna…”, I’m going to say “I’m working on…”
3. Instead of saying “I’m afraid to try…” I’m going to make a plan to succeed.

2016 was rough, and a lot of it was about figuring out where I am and where I’m going. I’m really excited about moving and looking forward in 2017.